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Soft Washing & Pressure Washinghouse

Your probably wondering what the difference is between pressure washing and soft washing. Pressure washing relies on higher pressure, and soft washing uses a lower pressure. They are both extremely effective, but different surfaces require a different approach. When washing a house we always us a soft washing technique, this way we don’t damage any windows, shutters, paint, soffits, etc. Our house wash mix includes a few additives to ensure we kill all the mold, and get rid of all the dirt, while using LOW pressure. We also offer a 12 month mold free warranty with all of our house washes. Our soaps and chemicals are biodegradable, and also becomes harmless once diluted. We recommend washing your home every year, it also adds instant curb appeal.


When pressure washing, we use pet and kid friendly chemicals, that does not harm plants either (when mixed and used right) <we use soap and bleach to kill mold, but it doesn’t harm anything when used right.> We do our best to maintain safety by not climbing on ladders if we don’t have to while power washing. If need be, we grab a pole with a brush on it and brush the troubled area. Power Washing will add instant curbside appeal, and will draw neighbors to gawk at your nice clean home. It is proper maintenance to power wash 1 time per year. Mold and Mildew like to grow primarily on the North side of homes, and can spread. Although it is not really harmful to our health to have mold on the siding, it is however an eye sore and should be taken care of before is gets out of control. With a good Power Wash and Window Cleaning, your house will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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